Cast Iron Tree Grates & Fabricated Tree Guards
Made of cast iron that is inherently resistant to continued corrosion. Even when left unpainted, cast iron tree grates and frames will remain unchanged for decades.
Strong and will stand up to urban abuse as well as light traffic without breaking or deforming.
Heavy enough to deter unauthorized removal without the need for lock down devices.

Easily expandable without losing their structural integrity.
Can be made with removable light-opening sections so that sub-grade lighting units can be easily installed.
Additional security bolting available.
Manufactured from recycled materials including automobile bodies and other collected scrap irons.



General: Tree grates and frames shall be cast iron as manufactured by Neenah Foundry Company.
Material: Gray Iron castings shall conform to A.S.T.M. A-48 Class 35 or better.
Finish: All castings shall be manufactured true to pattern; component parts shall fit together in a satisfactory manner. They shall be of uniform quality; free from blowholes, porosity, hard spots, shrinkage distortion or other defects. They shall be smooth and well cleaned by shotblasting.
Paint:   Tree grates and frames shall be furnished without paint or primer as the standard.
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